Impoliteness in Daily Conversation of Javanese: A Case Study of Students at Sahid University of Surakarta


  • Sukma Shinta Yunianti Universitas Tidar, Indonesia
  • Dian Muhammad Rifai Universitas Sahid Surakarta, Indonesia


communication, impoliteness strategies, Javanese language


This study aims to find out the impoliteness strategies used by students of Surakarta Sahid University. It employed qualitative research by applying the descriptive analysis. Observation and documentation were used to collect the data in this study. Furthermore, Culpeper’s theory was used to categorize and analyze the types of impoliteness strategies that the students used in their daily conversations. The result showed that five impoliteness strategies were found. The strategies are 1) bald on record impoliteness, 2) positive impoliteness, 3) negative impoliteness, 4) mocking others, and 5) withhold impoliteness. Moreover, the most dominant strategy used by the students was bald on record impoliteness.


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